nSILVER® Anti-Tarnish Coatings

Invisible protection against tarnish, at a lower cost

Silver tarnishing has long been a challenge for jewelry and coin retailers and manufacturers. With traditional coating methods such as passivation, rhodium plating, or lacquers and alloys, manufacturers find themselves having to choose between incurring higher production cost or making compromises in coating performance. With atomic layer deposition (ALD), you can completely protect the silver against tarnish at a high volume and lower unit cost.

Introducing nSILVER ® – a perfect balance of invisibility, performance, and cost 

nSILVER® against tarnishing
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Mint of Poland, nSILVER in production since Aug 2013 

A true pioneer. Beneq’s nSILVER ® is the world’s only anti-tarnish solution dedicated to silver products, such as coin collectibles or jewelry. Our first production dates back to 2006, when Kalevala, the renowned Finnish jewelry manufacturer, adopted the solution across its line of silver products. Today customers including the Mints of Mexico, Poland, Italy and Japan rely on Beneq’s ALD tools to completely protect their products during distribution and shop display. Choose from 3 different versions of nSILVER solutions, based on your requirements for tarnish, reflectance, and chemical resistance. 

Beneq TFS 500
Beneq P400A

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Invisibility of ALD coatings – brightness 
Comparison of anti-tarnish performance results 

When you protect against tarnish, you protect the value of your products 

Nothing hurts the value of your products more than visible tarnishing effects on display. Over time this incurs higher costs when products need to be shipped back for re-coating. With Beneq’s nSILVER solutions our customers commonly achieve 10x longer shelf life in their silver product line and retain higher resale value over its lifetime. 

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