Enabling safer and high performing batteries with ALD

Interfacial stability between electrodes, electrolytes and separators is critical within battery cells. Atomic layer deposition (ALD) offers conformal coatings and precise thickness control at the nanoscale for tailored engineering of essential interfaces and enhanced electrochemical performance.

Supercharge Li-ion battery performance, reliability, and safety. Research demonstrates that ALD improves battery lifetimes and electrochemical properties by stabilizing the interface between electrodes and electrolytes. ALD also increases thermal stability of separator films to enhance safety of Li-ion cells and opens doors towards practical manufacturing of solid state batteries. Explore how Beneq’s R2R coating process can help the next generation of battery technologies become a reality.


Tailored interfaces by ALD. Battery cells are dynamic and only as effective as their weakest link. ALD provides functional coating solutions at the interface of all critical battery components. Applications include:

  • Performance enhancing and protective coatings on cathode materials
  • Artificial solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) on anode materials
  • Li-metal anode passivation and dendrite growth prevention
  • Interfacial stability of solid state electrolytes (SSE)
  • Protective coatings on separator films

The only commercially available roll-to-roll ALD tool supplier for mass battery production. Roll-to-roll (R2R) ALD offers the only viable solution for web coatings of next-generation battery components. R2R ALD is a compelling and simpler alternative to particle ALD for coating cathode and anode materials. Direct web coatings seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing workflow and provides a straightforward scale-up path. Ask us about how we can design around your needs with standard or customized ALD systems for lab R&D and volume production.

Learn more about the Genesis R2R ALD system.


Examples of ALD coatings on Li batteries, anode and cathode materials.

Image 1: Cycling performance of R2R ALD TiO2 coated NCM523 cathodes, charged and discharged at 1 C at 55°C.
T2-120: 0.12m/min 120°C. T40-120: 2.4m/min 120°C.

Image 2: Hybrid organic/inorganic artificial solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) on Li metal anode protecting Li metal anode for over 300 cycles at current density 1 mA/cm2 and over 110 cycles at current density 2 mA/cm2.

Image 3: Electrochemical rate performance comparison of the bare-Li and Li with ALD ZrO2 coin cells.

Image 4: ALD Li3BO3-Li2CO3 solid state electrolyte (SSE) with excellent stability against Li metal and high ionic conductivity.

Image 5: Thermogravimetric analysis curve for R2R ALD Al2O3 coated separator film showing improved high-temperature performance.

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