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In 1984 we started the world’s first industrial production using atomic layer deposition (ALD). Today we are the most recognized provider of ALD equipment and R&D services. Our mission is to create premium tools for production and for research, and to enable technology mega trends through industrial ALD solutions.

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Premium, highly flexible ALD research equipment dedicated to academic research and corporate R&D.

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Wafer Fabrication

Automated ALD solutions for high-capacity wafer production.

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3D & Batch

Largest scale, general purpose ALD production systems ideal for coating diverse substrate types and thick films.

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Spatial ALD

Large-area, roll-to-roll atomic layer deposition systems for flexible substrates in R&D and production.

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Our expertise at your service

Coating service

The fastest way to market with a new ALD solution is to outsource the production to Beneq. Beneq coating services is a great way to explore the high-performance ALD technology and thin film coatings with a low threshold and limited risk.

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R&D service

If you want to improve your products with Atomic Layer Deposition and ALD services, selecting the right partner is easy: Beneq brings you over thirty years of thin film experience and the world’s largest ALD-dedicated production facility.

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Beneq’s support team helps you in all aspects of owning an ALD tool. Whether it is spare parts, maintenance, training or an upgrade of your ALD tool, we got you covered.

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Latest news

Beneq launches the world’s largest ALD reactor: the Beneq P1500

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Beneq moves US office to Boulder, Colorado

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Beneq at the ALD/ALE 2021 Conference

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