ALD solutions for compound semiconductor optoelectronics

Advances in GaN, GaAs, and InP –based devices continually demand more precise and flexible manufacturing solutions. ALD enables conformal sidewall passivation, controlled surface passivation, final passivation, and anti-reflective coatings necessary for next generation optoelectronics.

Emerging semiconductor photonic devices, like microLEDs, offer many performance improvements over well-established technologies. Advanced device architectures and miniaturization accompanying the shift to wafer-level technology also create process technology and manufacturing challenges that delay widespread adoption. Atomic Layer Deposition offers the necessary conformality, material flexibility and film functions to meet these strict design requirements and enable high volume manufacturing of microLEDs, VCSELs and other compound semiconductor optoelectronic devices.

Process Options
Thermal ALD
Plasma-Enhanced ALD

Al2O3, AlN, SiO2, Si3N4, HfO2, ZrO2

GaAs, InP, GaN (InGaN, AlGaInP), AlN
3, 6, 8, 12″ wafers

ALD is rapidly growing as a means to improve efficiency, light intensity and reliability in compound semiconductor optoelectronics. Conformal, dense, pinhole-free films ALD films and controlled interfaces enabled in our sequential plasma-enhanced and thermal batch ALD cluster tools offer:

  • Conformal sidewall passivation for, e.g. MESA structures
  • High-quality films for final passivation
  • Tunable, oxide-based Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) fabrication
  • Dielectric layer for heat dissipation
  • Transparent conducting oxide deposition

Miniaturization of LED technology requires a shift to more precision deposition techniques to enable mass production. With ALD, display manufacturers can reliably improve yield, efficiency, and lifetime of their MicroLEDs.

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Perpendicular operation geometry has simplified VCSEL manufacturing processes compared to traditional edge-emitting lasers. Atomic layer deposition offers sub-nanometer control for precision fabrication of VCSEL architecture.

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III-V semiconductors are a unique class of materials that are made up of elements from the third and fifth columns of the periodic table. Learn why these compounds are interesting and their applications in optoelectronics.

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