m2 is the new mm2


Beneq moves industrial ALD to the next level

We are all set for ALD2016, the 16th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition, in Dublin next week. It is time for exciting product news.

We are introducing two new products that move the capacity of industrial ALD equipment to the next level. As Tommi says in our news release, our target is to revolutionize the coating speed standards in the ALD industry. When it comes to ALD coating throughput, m2 is the new mm2.

With the launch of the new products, we are also updating our product naming conventions to match the new standards of coating areas in industrial ALD production. We feel this is like a monetary reform. When the ALD capacity moves to the next level, it is time to remove the unnecessary zeros.

The new Beneq R11 is a great example of the paradigm change: the chamber is over a meter wide and spins so fast that deposition rates of over a µm per hour are possible. It starts a new era of PEALD for high volume manufacturing of optical coatings, barrier films and insulators.

While spatial ALD solutions, such as the Beneq R11 and our large-area spatial ALD equipment, are in the core of our product development, we are also making batch processing faster. The other new product we are launching in in ALD2016 combines high capacity batch processing and standard cassette-to-cassette automation. Beneq T2S is perfectly suited for high volume manufacturing of wafer-based applications, face up or face down.

With these product launches, the Beneq ALD Boat Bar, and all the interesting presentations and application examples, ALD2016 is going to be a great event.

Get in touch with our team in Dublin to get all the details of the new products. Our booth number is 30. If you will not be in Dublin, you can ask more from our sales team.

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