A Plasma-go-round

New rotary spatial ALD equipment introduced

We have been sharing stories about our spatial ALD equipment in this blog a few times (it is an important and expanding part of our product portfolio). Now there is more to tell again.

Earlier today we shared news about the next solution in our spatial ALD equipment family: A new rotary spatial reactor we are developing based on technology we have licensed from Lotus Applied Technology.

The target is to provide a cost-effective industrial solution for barriers and passivation, insulation and protection of for example MEMS, LED, OLED, photovoltaics, memory components, batteries and sensors.

More information about the Vortex rotary ALD technology is available on the LotusAT webpages and you can read the details of the announcement from the Beneq news page, but we wanted to post the news here too. If for no other reason than to share more nice plasma pictures of the demo equipment.

If you are in need of for example high precision optical coatings for improving the optical performance of LEDs, IR cut-off filters, lenses, diffractive optics – or any demanding wafer-based coating solution, fill in your information to the fields on the left for more information and come and see the demo equipment.

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