Spare Parts and Upgrades

All Beneq products have been designed with flexibility and usability in mind. With the right options and upgrades you will always have the optimal equipment setup that will grow with you. The right configuration will also help you to decrease your valuable production downtime, maintenance, and repair costs. Below you will find more information about the many options and upgrades available.

tfs 200

High Aspect Ratio (HAR) reaction chamber

For demanding high aspect ratio substrates.

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Fluidized bed reactor (FBR)

For truly conformal coating of fine powders.

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Plasma-enhanced ALD (PEALD)

For TiN, SiO2, Al2O3 and SiN processes and high-speed processing.

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Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM)

For in-situ thin film growth monitoring.

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Quadruple Mass Spectrometer (QMS)

For process development, DBR process monitoring and system leak checking.

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Monitor ultra-thin films in nm scale.

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Reaction chambers

Cross-flow precursor delivery for excellent thin film uniformity.

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Ozone gas options

For use of ozone gas in thermal ALD depositions.

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Thermal gas line

For controlled gaseous precursors pulsing.

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Hot source HS 500

For using precursors with very low vapor pressure.

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Hot source HS 300

For depositing precursors with low vapor pressure.

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Liquid source

Flexibility through easy use of multiple chemistries.

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