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The Beneq factory has a long history of ALD (approximately one billion seconds, in fact). The factory was officially opened in 1984 and started as a display factory for Lohja Corporation’s electroluminescent displays. Today, it is the largest ALD-dedicated production facility in the world.

During the years, many visitors have enjoyed our factory tour and found what we do fascinating, and all our customers and friends are always welcome to pay us a visit. We understand, however, that not everyone can come over to Finland to visit our factory, and have decided to build a virtual tour.

You can now see the inside of our ALD factory on our new Home of ALD page, where we just launched the first version of  the virtual factory tour.

1. Cleanroom

The 1900 m2 cleanroom area, the very heart of our factory, is one of the largest in Europe. It’s divided into several sections and is constantly monitored.

2. Lumineq Display Production

The world’s first ALD-based commercial products are sold under our own Lumineq display brand. The Lumineq display production process consists of multiple patterning steps and ALD coating phases.

3. Reliablity Center

Before any of our Lumineq displays are shipped to customers, they are put through extensive reliability testing. This is where electrical funcionality, visual performance, and aging testing are applied to all Lumineq displays.

4. Spatial ALD Laboratory

Spatial ALD is our new industrial coating technology for high capacity and large area coating.  Here in our spatial ALD laboratory, we perform R&D test programs, run pilot customer projects, and develop new business opportunities.

5. Aerosol Coating Laboratory

Our unique nFOG technology uses small aerosol droplets to carry precursors to the surface of the substrate. Here in our aerosol coating laboratory, we develop processes for our aerosol customers, and assemble all aerosol thin film coating equipment.

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