Rotary spatial plasma batch wafer ALD

Meet Beneq at CSTIC and SEMICON China 2017

In addition to the popular ALD research tools Beneq is known for, we have a strong focus on high-capacity industrial ALD tools.

Our products for industrial customers who require low cost in high volume manufacturing include the Beneq R11 rotary ALD system and the Beneq WCS 600 Roll-to-Roll ALD system. Beneq also offers several tools for wafer processing, such as the Beneq T2S batch wafer tool.

Come and meet us at Semicon China!

One of the important business areas for high-throuhput wafer ALD is the semiconductor industry. Wafer-based ALD equipment is also used in MEMS production and reserach for dielectrics, conductive layers, barriers films and passivation. 

Next week, we will be in Shangai, China, at SEMICON China 2017 to talk about our latest industrial solutions and applications in these areas.

If you are around, come and meet us at our stand (Hall W11, booth #1135) or visit our event website to book a meeting with our ALD team in the show. 

Mr. Sami Sneck from Beneq will also be talking about Rotary Spatial Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition on Monday, 13 March, at the Shanghai International Expo Center. Make sure to join the session to hear more about

  • The benefits of rotary spatial PEALD
  • µm-thick ALD films with high throughput
  • optical coating stacks by rotary spatial PEALD.

Beneq R11 offers high-perfomance ALD in a low temperature plasma enhanced process for example for multilayer anti-reflection coatings. The deposition rates are really high (µm/hour for SiO2) as is the throughput (15000 pcs of 200 mm wafers/month).

The Beneq WCS 600 roll-to-roll ALD system has been designed for demanding flexible electronics applications. It is a high-capacity industrial ALD tool for up to 500 mm wide flexible substrates. It provides continuous coating capacity of 10 nm @ 1 m/min for materials such as AI2O3.

Beneq T2S is a batch wafer tool for high capacity ALD for semiconductor applications. It offers full cassette-to-cassette automation for up to 200 mm wafers with a capacity of 20 000 wafers/month (50 nm AI2O3 ). It is ideal for LED, MEMS, and sensor applications.

See you in Shanghai!

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