R&D services

Benefits of Thin as a Service

Faster, easier, less risky and customized

Atomic layer deposition, ALD, enables completely new innovative products and coatings that would not be possible with any other technology.

Our R&D service team provides you with a quick and easy way to implement thin film coatings from the first samples to full-blown production. Here are the main benefits of outsourcing the development of new thin film solutions:

Faster time to market

Implementing an ALD solution from a concept to industrial production can take years. Each step from preliminary research and first samples to the selection of manufacturing equipment involves risks and uncertainties that are difficult to manage without extensive experience.

With Beneq, you can get the first samples in a couple of weeks and your ALD application can be production ready just  some months later.

Managed risk from lab to fab

Beneq’s ALD-123 process is the most cost-efficient way to develop and scale up a thin film solution for a specific industrial application. The service concept provides you with clear milestones from the first contact to the customer care of your ALD production line.

When you know the investments, deliverables and timelines for each step, you can mitigate both technical and business risks of the process. It is also easy to estimate the required investments.

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