R&D services

R&D Service Cases

Test drive ALD coatings

Beneq’s ALD-123™ development service provides quick and easy ways to implement ALD from the first samples to full-blown production.

Together we can find the right process, chemistry and application for your specific coating challenge. 

Here are examples of our development services cases just to give you an idea of what we can provide.

CASE 1: A large industrial customer with focus on time to market

CASE 2: Outsourced production during equipment lead time

CASE 3: Outsourced production, equipment for volume growth

CASE 4: Totally outsourced production (no equipment investment)

Beneq – Solutions for a Thinner World

  • One-stop ALD for the life cycle of your product
  • Faster time to market
  • Managed risk from lab to fab
  • Unique know-how and technical capabilities
  • World’s largest industrial ALD factory
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