Playing with the BIG Guys

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27 of the world’s 100 largest companies are Beneq customers

We have mentioned many times that we at Beneq feel privileged to work with cutting-edge technology in exciting projects that aim at changing the world. Many of our customers are among the biggest companies in the world and would make wonderful references – if only we could tell you about their confidential new products and how they use atomic layer deposition and our display technology.

You see, that is exactly what our customers’ ALD and display projects are. Strictly confidential.

Almost all the work we do is performed under non-disclosure agreements, and we have had to develop advanced work practices and processes for managing confidential information in our projects. People at Beneq can always be trusted.

Invisible advantage

The secret nature of our business certainly makes our work interesting, but it also makes marketing communications challenging.

Beneq’s thin film innovations and industrial ALD equipment improve our customers’ products and give them an extra competitive edge. Understandably, the customers don’t want to shout to their competitors about the product benefits ALD brings.

Atomic layer deposition is everywhere around us, but rarely visible. In many cases, the Beneq ALD solution is an ultra-thin conformal material layer completely hidden inside our customers’ products. It may make the product last longer, but there is no way it can be seen. This makes keeping the secret much easier. ALD truly is the invisible advantage.

Even in our Lumineq Displays business, where the result is plain to see, and often a real eye-catcher, many of the largest and most interesting customer projects are for future products that are still highly confidential.

27 of the Fortune 100 companies use Beneq ALD, 80 out of 500

Since most of customer names cannot be referred to in public, we must find other ways to explain why everybody should be excited about atomic layer deposition and Lumineq displays.

To give you an idea about the kind of customers we work with, we counted how many of the world’s largest companies use Beneq ALD and display technology.

While we knew that we have for years been working with the leading technology companies of the world, the result of the count surprised us.

On the Fortune 100 list of world’s biggest enterprises, there are 27 Beneq customers.

Of the companies on the Fortune 500 list, our Thin Film Solutions business unit has been working with 59. Our Lumineq Displays have 37 Fortune 500 customers, for which we have either shipped displays for extreme conditions or are developing future display solutions.

Should you join the ALD game?

All in all, 80 of the companies on the latest Fortune 500 list are Beneq customers.

We can’t tell you which ones, but we are no doubt playing the ALD game with largest companies in the world.

We strongly believe there is a thin solution for every challenge. The fact that so many of the largest companies in the world seem to share that belief and are investing in ALD as a source of (invisible) competitive advantage, makes us proud and drives us forward.

We invite you to join the game.

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