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Moisture Protection of PCBs

Traditional parylene coating was not sufficient enough to protect printed circuit boards (PCB) with moisture sensitive components. The component function was compromised by moisture penetrating through the parylene coating. This lead to reduced device lifetime.

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Anti-tarnishing coating for jewelry

Prevent the discoloration of silver surfaces caused by oxidation, sulfidation, and corrosion.

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Optical coatings for high power laser lenses

High-power lasers require high-performance optical coatings on conformal optics lenses. Due to the complex 3D shapes, the components are difficult to coat and beyond the reach of conventional coating technologies, such as PVD.

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Thin film encapsulation of scintillator plates

Common scintillator materials include Cesium Iodide (CsI) and Sodium Iodide (NaI), which are sensitive to moisture. Competitive product lifetime requires a thin film encapsulation coating.

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Anti-corrosion coating for sensors

Sensors used in harsh conditions were suffering from limited lifetime due to corrosion. To maintain sensor sensitivity, the anti-corrosion coating had to be very thin, <100nm thick.

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Metal-like coatings for watch parts

Decorative coating on fine mechanics and watch parts is challenging due to the conformal nature of the parts.

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Optical NIR filter on a glass cylinder

Near-infrared (NIR) filters are typically several micrometers thick optical stacks of low and high index materials. It’s impossibe to coat such high quality filters on curved surfaces, such as glass cylinders, using conventional PVD methods.

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