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Benefits of Beneq Coating Services

Thin film deposition, coating services

Unique know-how and technical capabilities

With Beneq Coating Services, you get access to all of Beneq’s skilled ALD experts and over 30 years of production experience in thin film coating. Our team has extensive industrial ALD experience from numerous industries, including semiconductor, optics, photovoltaics, electronics, medical, defense and aerospace.

You simple won’t find any other place in the world with as many ALD service reactors and as much practical ALD process experience in one dedicated production facility.

You name it, we coat it!

At the Beneq factory, the Home of ALD, we have implemented more ALD applications than any other company.

Our services team already have a large number of success stories with companies in a variety of business areas, from semiconductor, defense and aerospace to medical and consumer applications. The examples range from protection of sensitive electronics components in consumer electronics to efficiency improvements of advanced automotive parts and encapsulation of flexible electronics.

One-stop ALD for the whole life cycle of your product

The idea behind the Beneq service business is to support you through the whole process of solving any issue you may have with a commercially viable thin film solution.

Whether you need ALD samples, coating chemistry research, a proof of concept with your specific application requirements, or quality equipment for full-blown ALD production, we’ve got it all.

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