ALD Optical Coating

Hello, 3D uniformity.

Sustaining optical performance requires a high degree of uniformity. Unlike PVD, ALD coatings are ideal both at the micro level for nano structures and the macro level for free-form optics. Coat your most challenging components and tune their optical properties with atomic-scale accuracy.

Coating complex optics made easy. ALD builds materials one layer at a time through saturated chemical reactions, ensuring the complete and uniform coating of even the most intricate 3D geometries. ALD eliminates the need for rotating substrates, providing a simpler alternative to PVD, and enabling large batch production. Explore below how Beneq has optimized its ALD processes to offer you the ideal coating solution for freeform optics, optical domes, optical gratings and more.


Designed for the perfect balance between uniformity and throughput. Despite a lower deposition rate than PVD, ALD enables you to coat your optics in much larger batches. ALD processes coat entire components conformally, giving you unparalleled uniformity and throughput compared to PVD. The Beneq P400A is optimized at the intersection of uniformity, batch size, and deposition rate to deliver you the highest quality thick films. We provide you with expertise and software to design every individual ALD layer for the best performance in the context of your design constraints.

Learn more about ALD coatings for spherical domes. 

Learn more about Beneq P400A 


Uniformity for your strictest design requirements. The conformality of our films makes ALD the ideal process for curved lens and complex optical components. Even large diameter optical domes coated in our batch processes have film non-uniformity across all locations of only 1.2%.

Silicon test structure

Perfectly conformal ALD film stack on silicon test structure

Curved lenses

ALD is a perfect coating alternative for highly curved lenses and other substrates that must be rotated during PVD.

Batch coating of large diameter optical dome 

Example of a test-jig spherical dome 
Film non-uniformity over all measurement locations over all coated samples in a batch run: 1.2 % 
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