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New customer cases for ALD applications

A growing part of Beneq’s business comes from services. Our complete thin film service concept, Thin as a Service, which we launched last year, has been received well. The customers seem to appreciate the possibility to get a quick proof of concept of new ALD applications with ALD-123 as well as the shorter time to production enabled by our Coating Services.

There seems to be a new app in the process in our Services business unit every time you ask, and they are really interesting. To give you a better understanding about the fascinating variety of ALD applications, we have added new ALD customer cases under our Industries and Applications.

1)   Moisture barriers for flexible and organic electronics is one of the hot topics in industrial ALD and OLED encapsulation is the hottest application.

2)   Another moisture barrier application we have done several versions of is protection of scintillator plates. Scintillators are typically used in the panels of digital x-ray machines for capturing the image and they require humidity barriers, which are difficult to apply because the surface of the plates is so uneven.

3)   Optical coatings is another growth area for industrial ALD. The applications in this area range from decorative coatings to demanding optical filters. A great example is NIR filters inside a tube, which are in practice impossible to create without ALD.

4)   Most of the projects in Beneq Development Services are the starting point on a way towards a new industrial ALD application, but the projects can also be outsourced research projects. Sometimes we just perform ALD material research for our customers.

We will be sharing more customer project examples later. If you are interested in where atomic layer deposition can be used, remember to visit our Applications pages regularly or contact us to hear all about the latest apps. There are always new updates available at your ALD App Store.

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