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Plasma-enhanced ALD (PEALD)

Plasma Head

For TiN, SiO2, AI203 and SiN processes and high-speed processing

With plasma-enhanced ALD (PEALD) options for TFS 200, you get:

  • enhanced processes such as TiN, SiO2, Al2O3 and SiN
  • low temperature deposition
  • high-speed processing
  • high uniformity
  • less impurities and extremely low particle level, added particles in the range of ten added particles for 200 mm wafer deposition of both conductive and insulating films
  • the possibility to run thermal deposition even with plasma head in place
  • capacitively coupled plasma (CCP) with showerhead and the freedom to use direct or remote mode with the same plasma head
  • uniform temperature in the entire reaction chamber and plasma head area, which ensures true ALD and low particle depositions
  • hot spots eliminated in the design
  • high temperature version available, up to 450 °C

Please note that either a manual substrate loader with a manual load lock, or an automatic load lock with an automatic loader are needed when the TFS 200 is equipped with the plasma option.

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