Tech specs

Plasma-enhanced ALD (PEALD

Plasma Head

Plasma options PO-200 and PO-200-HT

TFS 200 Premium with plasma ahead PH-200 visible
  • for up to 200 mm round wafers
  • excellent uniformity
  • crossflow precursor delivery
  • reaction chamber material aluminum or stainless steel
  • includes plasma head PH-200, plasma matching box, plasma generator, plasma carrier gas line with mass flow controller (MFC) and plasma generator rack
  • up to 450 °C deposition temperatures
  • plasma reaction chamber must be added separately
  • plasma gas lines must be added separately
  • substrate loading from side, manual loader or load-lock must be inculded  
  • PO-200-HT: for processes where high temperature is needed. Maximum temperature 450 °C.
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