Industries & Applications

Moisture Protection for PCBs and Electronics

An ALD protective coating can be applied to electronic circuitry and/or components inside of an electronic device. This protective coating fully encapsulates and protects the electronic device from corrosive chemical species without requiring a bulky external protective case. Such corrosion-resistant coatings are desirable for protection against incidental or accidental exposure to water and other corrosive species.

Full circuits boards

ALD laminates can be tailored to reach certain mechanical properties and encapsulation performance. Recently implemented environmental protection regulations phased out the usage of lead in mainstream electronics, consequently resurrecting the risks of tin-whisker driven electrical circuit failure. ALD Laminate structures can be engineered to induce enough tensile stress on the underlying metallic feature to suppress the growth of metallic whiskers.

Discrete parts

The film is highly conformal and pin-hole free when compared with some other vapor phase deposition techniques. Organic displays or discrete sensors for space applications can only achieve mass production if certain product lifetimes are reached with affordable encapsulation systems. ALD encapsulation is equivalent to less than a monolayer of water permeating into the device in a month.

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