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Dr. Tommi Vainio

President, Beneq Oy, Finland

Experienced business executive, co-founder of Beneq. Prior to founding Beneq, Dr. Vainio held several technology and business management positions in Nextrom from 1998-2005, last serving in the Group Management Team as a Managing Director for fiber optic cable and optical fiber manufacturing solutions business areas. In Beneq he has served as the CTO of the company from 2005-2012 and has continued thereafter leading Beneq’s equipment business. He received his MSc degree from Tampere University of Technology, Finland (Paper Converting and Polymer Technology, 1991) and Doctor of Technology degree from Helsinki University of Technology, Finland (Polymer Technology, 1996). Dr. Vainio holds special know-how in material science, polymer technology, and international business management.

Mr. Sami Sneck

Vice President, Advanced ALD

Mr. Sneck, Business Executive at Beneq, joined Beneq in 2005. Since then he has held various professional and management positions at Beneq, including Product Manager, Application Manager, Director of ALD group, Head of Sales and Head of Asia, in which position he spent 2 years in Shanghai, China. He received his MSc degree in Chemical Engineering in 2001 from Helsinki University of Technology. Mr. Sneck has special expertise in Atomic Layer Deposition technology and business development. He has played a vital role in introducing various ALD production concepts and solutions to several industries ranging from jewelry to photovoltaics, electronics and semiconductor industry. Currently Mr. Sneck is responsible of Beneq’s semiconductor part coating business.

Dr. Patrick Rabinzohn

Vice President, Semiconductor ALD

Dr Rabinzohn is Vice President, Semiconductor ALD at Beneq. He has 40 years’ experience across the Semiconductor, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials markets. He has extensive knowledge of Equipment, Process, Process Integration and Technologies. Prior to Beneq he held several high-profile roles including CTO for IoT/MEMS and Advanced Packaging at Lam Research, General Manager at Intermolecular, Managing Director for Microelectronics at Alchimer, and CTO Europe at Applied Materials. He graduated from Ecole Superieure d’Electricite (Supelec) and received a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Paris University.

Mr. Timo Rantasalmi

Vice President, Operations

Mr. Timo Rantasalmi is an experienced management specialist with a solid background in project, product, and operations management. Timo holds a BSc degree in Electronics and a MSc degree in Industrial Engineering. Timo joined Beneq in 2011 and has had several roles in project management, customer services, and operations management. Before Beneq Timo worked in technical and project management roles in Finnish high-tech companies such as: Vaisala, VTI Technologies, and STERIS Finn-Aqua.

Mr. Hans Fabritius

Vice President, Life Cycle Services

Mr. Hans Fabritius, joined Beneq in 2021 at Beneq. He has over 25 years of experience in customer service, service business and service operative management in the international high-tech industry. Prior to Beneq he has worked in several Service management and development positions e.g., in Vaisala Corporation and FläktGroup. He graduated from Helsinki Polytechnic in Automation. Currently Mr. Fabritius is responsible for ensuring the high-grade of the Life Cycle Services that Beneq provides for its customers.

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