ALD Stories Ep. 10

Area-Selective Approaches for Atomic Layer Processing with Mikko Ritala

50 min 8 sec

In the 10th installment of ALD Stories, Tyler meets up with Professor Mikko Ritala at the University of Helsinki. A professor of chemistry and renowned ALD scientist, Mikko has been working with ALD since the 90s. Following a stellar lab tour, Tyler and Mikko discuss ALD activities at the University of Helsinki, including their new tools, work on area-selective processing and partnership with ASM Microchemistry.  
In this video: 
00:00 – Intro 
02:30 – The Ritala Lab 
09:33 – ALD in the Past 
17:05 – Helsinki ALD Cluster Tool 
24:26 – Area-Selective ALD & ALE 
43:36 – Partnership with ASM 
47:49 – Ending & Outro 
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