ALD Stories Ep. 19

A True Pioneer of ALD Research with Jeffrey Elam

49 min

Tyler is joined by Dr. Jeffrey Elam from Argonne National Lab in Chicago. Jeff is the head of the Atomic Layer Deposition research program at Argonne and has received numerous awards, accolades and patents for his work, the ALD Innovator Award and Lifetime Achievement Award at Argonne as examples. In this episode, Tyler and Jeff discuss his time as a post doc in the Steven George lab where he built the first ALD reactors, how he began the ALD group at Argonne, and some of his award-winning work on fabricating large-area microchannel plates.

02:10 Early ALD in the George Group

14:55 Bringing ALD to Argonne

29:44 Microchannel Plates

44:51 Outlook & Final Remarks

#aldep #nanotechnology

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