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Better ROI with automated high-capacity ALD tools

Beneq specializes in high-capacity and high-throughput ALD solutions. In the past, we have talked about how our new spatial ALD solutions are changing the units for ALD deposition area. Today, we would like to talk about how our expertise in high-capacity ALD is benefiting our customers in wafer research and industrial wafer-processing in markets with high throughput requirements, such as the semiconductor, MEMS and LED industries.

Beneq offers both single wafer and batch tools with full wafer automation. Single wafer processes are available for a variety of materials, including Al2O3, HfO2, ZrO2, SiO2, TiO2, ZnO, TiN and W. For a number of the most common processes, Beneq can also offer batch processes with five times the throughput of a single wafer tool. For many applications, a single wafer platform is sufficient, but for high volume applications, the batch process provides great advantage in throughput and cost.

Innovative high-capacity wafer solutions for industrial ALD

In industrial setups, different aspects of high-capacity requirements emerge. Deposition speed for a single wafer have less meaning; features like loading automation, number of ports and process modules, and heating and cooling stations define the throughput of the system. In addition to fast and flexible single-wafer systems, we have also developed innovative batch cluster systems for various coatings on wafers.

Beneq’s industrial wafer ALD systems provide configurable cluster system layouts, where the customers can pick from 1-2 cassette load ports, up to three ALD process modules, several heating and cooling station options and even order extra ports for custom modules. The ALD process modules can be either single wafer (200 mm or 300 mm systems) or batch systems. The Beneq T2S batch ALD tool is specifically engineered to match the semiconductor requirements, including low particle counts.

Extensive ALD process capabilities from Beneq

The options for wafer-processing are many, but one thing is certain: Regardless of what equipment you pick from our range of ALD tools for wafers, you will always get high throughput. Beneq TFS 200 offers the possibility to deposit up to 4000 wafers per month, while with Beneq T2S you will get capacity of an impressing 20 000 wafers per month. Batch processes are available for all wafer sizes up to 200 mm, in batches of 1 to 25 wafers.

Beneq T2S capacity with various different materials and thicknesses.
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