The ALD Stories Podcast is back!

Featuring Beneq’s Technical Marketing Manager, Tyler Myers, as the new host, ALD Stories sits down with leading researchers in the field to discuss all topics related to ALD and thin film deposition. The podcast explores new research, history, impacts, and topical discussions in the context of atomic layer deposition. We hope the podcast can serve as a source of unification and platform for those working in ALD. 

In Episode 6, Tyler chats with Wayne State University’s Chuck Winter about his approach to designing precursors for ALD. Chuck explains what makes a good ALD precursor and how elegant organic chemistry can enable ALD processes for hard-to-deposit metals, like cobalt and aluminum. 

New episodes will be released on the final Thursday of each month. Follow the ALD Stories Podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts, or subscribe to the Beneq Youtube channel to stay up to date with the show. 

Watch Episode 6 now:

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