Tech specs

Ozone gas options

Gas Lines

Ozone line O3

The ozone line O3 option includes all parts for using ozone gas. It is fully integrated into the TFS 200 electrical and software systems.

Pictured here without its cover (cover included in the package)
  • Ozone generator 803N (BMT Messtechnik GmbH)
    with 8 g/h ozone production
  • Includes pressure regulator, rotameter, pneumatic pulsing valve,
    stainless steel tubing with VCR® (Swagelok) fittings,
    outlet for flow adjustment and ozone destructor
  • Integration with TFS 200 electrical cabinet for power feed
  • Ozone cabinet with ventilation connection

Please note that Beneq requires use of gas detection and alarm systems in combination with hazardous gases (detectors can be separately purchased from Beneq).

Ozone analyzer

The Ozone analyzer is used for measuring ozone concentration. The product is manufactured by BMT Messtechnik GmbH.

  • Stainless steel and PFA tubing with VCR® – and Swagelok fittings
  • Integration into TFS 200 electrical cabinet and control system
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