Enabling Next-Generation Power Devices

October 7, 2020

Semi Webcast Hero

Join our conversation on Oct-7 with Clark Tseng of SEMI on the trends and technologies that enable next-generation power devices, and how ALD enhances their performances. Learn more about:

  • Market demand drivers for power devices, e.g. from automotive, consumer electronics, and more
  • Consequent trends on power device technology, product design and manufacturing requirements
  • Overview and comparison of fast-growing power technologies such as silicon based SJ-MOSFET or IGBT and wide bandgap materials SiC, as well as GaN
  • Advantages of ALD vs alternative deposition methods in the manufacturing process
  • Key buyer considerations when selecting a new ALD tool specifically for power device manufacturing


Beneq is the home of ALD, offering a wide portfolio of equipment products and development services. Today Beneq leads the market with innovative solutions for advanced R&D (TFS 200, R2), flexible high-volume manufacturing (BENEQ TransformTM), ultra-fast high precision spatial ALD coatings (C2R), roll-to-roll thin film coating of continuous webs (WCS 600), and specialized batch production for thicker film stacks (P400, P800). Headquartered in Espoo, Finland Beneq is dedicated to making ALD technology accessible for researchers and enabling technology mega trends through engineered ALD materials solutions.

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