Beneq unveils R2, a compact modular platform for ALD research and application development

Press Release July 22, 2019

Modular Design and Attractive Price Point Make Advanced ALD Research More Accessible Than Ever

For researchers entering the rapidly growing domain of ALD research, the investment in equipment has always been subject to great uncertainty. Academic researchers find themselves having to choose between a beginner’s system with heavily limited capabilities or a full-fledged system at a prohibitive price – often diminishing available budgets.

The R2 system is designed to offer full features of thermal ALD, at a compact enclosure and an attractive price point. Built with all industry-standard equipment, the R2 delivers outstanding value whether you are experimenting in ALD research, process engineering or application development. It is designed by the same team of experts who created the TFS 200, the premium clusterable ALD research tool preferred by universities and researchers worldwide. “The Beneq R2 carries the same heritage and know-how that has made Beneq the leader in ALD for the last 25 years,” said Patrick Gonzalez, Beneq’s Technical Sales Manager. “The basic R2 system comes configured right out of the box, so you can experiment with encapsulation, high k-dielectrics, and everything in between.”

Ergonomic Design

To create a minimalist product that is easy to use, Beneq completely redesigned the physical look of the R2. To minimize the amount of piping required, the R2’s liquid sources are made extremely compact and placed close to the vacuum chamber. Unlike conventional designs heat source cabinets are repositioned right next to the vacuum chamber at a convenient height, making it easier than ever to replace containers and operate the tool. On the R2 Beneq has created a patent-pending air-cooling system over the vacuum chamber, minimizing the risk of overheating and avoiding unintended injuries.

Easy Upgrades

With a revolutionary modular design the Beneq R2 offers customers a suite of expansion options for the vacuum chamber, hot sources, or process types such as reduced flow for high-aspect ratio structures. Users can select their own configuration when placing a new order, or choose to upgrade the tool later.

About Beneq

Beneq is the home of ALD, offering a wide portfolio of equipment products and development services. Today Beneq leads the market with innovative solutions for advanced R&D (TFS 200, R2), flexible high-volume manufacturing (ALD 3, ALD 4), ultra-fast high precision spatial ALD coatings (C2R), roll-to-roll thin film coating of continuous webs (WCS 600), and specialized batch production for thicker film stacks (P400, P800). Headquartered in Espoo, Finland Beneq is dedicated to making ALD technology accessible for researchers and providing the invisible advantage in emerging semiconductor applications.

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