Beneq and Germany-based MBRAUN to collaborate on OLED

On April 15, 2014, Beneq announced that it is joining forces with MBRAUN to address the growing OLED market needs by offering turn-key R&D solutions. The goal is to enforce rapid adaptation of Beneq’s breakthrough thin-film encapsulation technology in OLED research and manufacturing.

Beneq and MBRAUN currently have a mutually supportive offering, which will allow customers to get a wider portfolio of products and services from a single source. These products are primarily targeted to those customers with sophisticated needs in OLED research, especially in the area of thin-film encapsulation. For each customer need, Beneq and MBRAUN will work together to tailor products and services that best meet the specific clean environment requirements in question.

MBRAUN has more than 30 years of experience from providing inert glovebox solutions for cleanroom and ultra-cleanroom environments. The reliability of its operations and purity of environments have quickly earned MBRAUN a world-renowned reputation of making the best gloveboxes available. Over the years, MBRAUN has expanded its operations from Europe to the United States and then to Asia.

The core market segments of MBRAUN include universities, OLED research and mass production facilities, lithium-ion battery research and production, high intensity discharge lamps and ceramic lamp production, inert gas welding, as well as pharmaceutical, nuclear containment and chemistry research applications.

Beneq holds a pioneering role in ALD-based OLED thin-film encapsulation research and industrial applications. Beneq OLED tools are widely preferred, especially for their high level of film quality, deposition speed, versatility in multi-mode research environments and user-friendliness. Beneq is a leading supplier of industrial TFE solutions for OLED display and lighting markets. Beneq has also revolutionized roll-to-roll thin-film processing by introducing roll-to-roll ALD systems for moisture barrier applications.

“Together, Beneq and MBRAUN will provide customer-specific controlled environment solutions for OLED research, along with academic and corporate needs,” says Sampo Ahonen, CEO, Beneq. “We are very pleased to be MBRAUN’s partner of choice for this collaboration, as we see that it will enable both of our companies to offer greater value to this growing area through our complementary product range.”

Since 2002, MBRAUN belongs to Indus Holding AG, a strong German financial holding company with a turnover of more than EUR 1 billion. This helps MBRAUN have the financial backing necessary to invest in new research and technologies that will keep it in the number one position in the inert gas technology market.

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