Introducing the Story of Beneq

Beneq premises

A Billion Seconds of Finnish High Tech History at the Home of ALD

We sometimes introduce Beneq as a 12-year-old company with over 30 years of thin film experience. And we sometimes get questions about how this is possible. How can a teenager with a start-up spirit be a pioneer of ALD with decades of knowledge about industrial production?

To shed light on the interesting turns of ALD and industrial high tech production in Finland, we have written a summary of the story of Beneq and Lumineq displays so far.

Why do we call our factory and headquarters the Home of ALD?

Why do we count the history of Beneq in seconds?

Who was the first customer of Beneq? What did they buy?

How much did the founders of Beneq ski during a long business planning weekend in Lapland in the spring of 2005?

You will get the answers to all these questions when you read the Beneq Story on our website.

The story begins from 1984 when a factory is built in Espoo, Finland…

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