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nSILVER® Anti-Tarnish Coatings

Tarnishing is a long–established challenge in the silver industry. Oxidation, sulfidation and corrosion cause discoloration of the silver surface, which decrease the shelf-life of silver products and collector items. Using ALD, one can grow a protective thin film on articles of any shape and orientation. It provides an ultrathin and totally conformal anti-tarnish coating, which is fully transparent. The coating is pinhole-free and extremely uniform over the entire batch of coated articles. The same method can also be applied to copper containing alloys that also suffer from tarnishing.


Mints and collectors alike want to preserve the coin’s original appearance while at the same time protect it against the environmental conditions that affects its appearance. ALD allows the manufacturer to gently protect it against tarnishing while proving an invisible and robust shield against moisture and sulphur compounds in the air


For a jeweler, museum or collector, it is often not practical to provide an ideal pollutant-free, low-humidity environment to protect silver objects due to cost, space, and accessibility considerations. Without any protection the jewelry easily tarnishes during storage and on display in the stores, and needs to be cleaned periodically. Thanks to its conformal and pinhole free nature, ALD works well protecting 3D articles while being optically transparent and invisible. The inorganic ALD film is perfectly stable and will not change color over time, making it the perfect solution for protecting jewelry during extended storage and display.

Beneq nSILVER®

Beneq nSILVER® is the world’s first dedicated ALD solution for anti-tarnish coatings on silver. It measures merely 10-90 nano meters, consisting of ceramic materials such as Al2O3 and TiO2​. Furthermore it is fully transparent on silver​, preserving the original appearance of the coin or jewelry.

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