A New World of Research

New Research section at the Beneq Thin Film Solutions website

The world of thin films and the Beneq products are constantly developing. A multitude of universities and industrial research laboratories use Beneq ALD reactors for research and development and advanced thin film research every day. Our aim at Beneq is to work with all the owners of Beneq products to optimize their equipment and to keep up with the latest research.

To serve our research customers and the thin film research community better, we just launched a new research section on the Beneq Thin Film Solutions website. In the new pages, we have collected ALD and aerosol coating research information, from thin film research equipment to links to ALD research around the world.

We hope you find the pages useful. We plan to add more material on them continuously. If you have any feedback or ideas about what else we should present on the pages, please let us know.

New options and upgrades for Beneq TFS 200

Beneq TFS 200 is our most popular ALD reactor for research use. To make sure that it will grow with our customers to meet even the most demanding research requirements, we are constantly developing new options and upgrades. Here are some examples of the latest Beneq ALD research equipment highlights:

High temperature plasma ALD – research new chemistries with a high temperature plasma reactor

Fluidized bed ALD reactor – explore novel areas of research in the field of ALD particle coating

Monitoring options – monitor the thickness of films in-situ with an ellipsometer or the new QCM device.

All the above features and many more options are available as upgrades to the Beneq TFS 200 ALD equipment. For more information, please visit the TFS 200 Options webpage or ask for more information.

Have you published articles on research with Beneq tools?

We have also launched a publication series for our own science letters. The two first Beneq Science Letters are now available on the site. Please check them and let us know what you think.
On our new Research pages, there is also a list of publications performed with Beneq ALD equipment elsewhere. The list is by no means complete. If you have used Beneq reactors in your own research or know publications that include research with Beneq ALD or aerosol thin film equipment that are missing from the list, please let us know. We would happy to add the missing publications into our growing ALD research database.

We are looking forward to more groundbreaking thin film research!

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