SeasonALD Greetings

Beneq premises

Beneq wishes everybody a happy New Year

2016 has been an interesting year at Beneq.

In the Lumineq business, we have seen great interest in our transparent displays that come in all shapes. The invisible Lumineq displays can also be laminated in larger glass panes, such as windshieldstrain windows and naval bridges. Special focus this year has been on applications that improve safety and ergonomics. We have also seen an increase in the custom display flow since we launched our new service for customized displays.

In Thin Film Solutions, this year has been a year of increasing the speed and capacity of ALD solutions. We have introduced new high-capacity ALD products, made great progress with spatial ALD, and worked a lot with new options and upgrades to existing research reactors. 

One major development area has been our Services business, where customers have really liked the possibility to find the optimal coating in a project with our Thin Film Development Services and then test driving industrial ALD production with our Coating Services. Application areas of ALD are countless as we know, but among the most popular thin film applications this year have been moisture barriers, especially OLED encapsulationoptical coatings and photovoltaics

Our blog will now take a short holiday break. We wish you all a happy holiday season and a thin and transparent new year. As we mentioned earlier, instead of physical greetings, we threw your presents in the Baltic Sea. 

Join us again in January for more stories from the Home of ALD. It looks like 2017 is going to be another great year for ALD and electroluminescent displays.

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