Flexible Ultra-Barriers

ALD thin-film encapsulation in flexible electronics

It is well known in the electronics and display industries that atomic layer deposition is ideally suited for demanding thin film encapsulation applications.

Thanks to the conformal and pinhole-free nature of the ALD process, already very thin (less than 30 nm thick) inorganic layers of Al2O3 have been demonstrated to reach ultra-barrier performance (10-6 g/m2/day) on flexible substrates.

Furthermore, low process temperatures can be applied, enabling direct thin-film encapsulation (TFE) of sensitive OLEDs. Also, such thin layers can withstand quite significant strain and have low optical absorption, which makes ALD an excellent candidate for TFE of flexible AMOLED displays.

Spatial ALD has emerged as a promising method for addressing the throughput requirements of ALD encapsulation in industrial use. This will be one of the discussion topics of in the ALD for Industry event, which will be held in Dresden, Germany later this week.

Beneq is a platinum sponsor of ALD for Industry

At ALD for Industry, we will have both a stand at the exhibition and a keynote presentation in the workshop. Come and meet our team.

At the Beneq stand, we will be demonstrating our industrial ALD products: the Beneq WCS 600 roll-to-roll ALD system, the Beneq R11 rotary ALD system, the Beneq T2S automated wafer batch ALD system, and the Beneq P-series batch ALD production systems. These products are designed for industrial customers that require high capacity and low process cost in advanced ALD industry applications.

Dr. Mikko Söderlund of Beneq will give a workshop presentation on Wednesday, 18 January, with the topic Opportunities, challenges and solutions for ALD thin-film encapsulation in flexible electronics applications. Mikko’s paper presents recent advances with industrial-scale spatial ALD systems for thin-film encapsulation application. 

If you will be in Dresden and want to book a meeting with one of our team members, please visit our event website to fill in a contact form and tell us what you would like to discuss.

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