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Beneq to present in ALD2016 – Come and meet us in Ireland

One of the main ALD events of the year, the 16th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition, ALD2016 Ireland, is approaching. Beneq is a platinum sponsor at the event and we will have lots of activity at the site and around it.

We now also know that we will have three presentations at the event. Here is a sneak preview of the contents of what we will be presenting:

Development of the world’s most transparent display – enabled by ALD

Mr Kari Härkönen from our Development Services team will be sharing an interesting story about the best example of full-blown industrial ALD we know of, our own Lumineq displays.

The electroluminescent (EL) display is the first industrial application for ALD and the EL displays have been manufactured using ALD for more than 30 years already. The EL display utilizes ALD in many ways; there are 3-4 different functional ALD films in the display structure.

In the presentation, Kari will go through the development story of the fully transparent Lumineq TASEL displays and explain how ALD is used in their production process. 

Large area sheet-to-sheet spatial ALD system for high-throughput coating applications

Dr. Mikko Söderlund, Head of Industrial Solutions, will be sharing more details about our new large-area spatial equipment.

In the presentation, Mikko will present the new Beneq large-area spatial ALD system for high-throughput thin-film coating applications, such as Zn(O,S) buffers for GIGS solar cells, encapsulation of OLEDs, rear-surface passivation of crystalline solar cells and glass coating. The prototype system has an effective coating area of 400 x 500 mm, and is demonstrating deposition speeds higher than 20 m/min.

ALD based 3D NIR filter and refractive index control for Rugate filters

Mr. Sami Sneck from the Beneq Thin Film Equipment unit will give a presentation about infrared filters, specifically about the development of an ALD coating used in 3D Near-IR (NIR) filters.

ALD has benefits to offer in respect to conventional optical film coating methods. Among those important enabling features are the ability to coat uniformly complex 3D surfaces and the unique capability to tune material properties with atomic scale accuracy.

In his presentation, Sami will show a case study of how thermal ALD enables processing of several micrometers thick optical NIR filter structure on inner wall of glass cylinder.

Come and join us in ALD2016 in Ireland in July

The ALD2016 conference will be the ALD event of the year. Join us to hear more about the presentation topics above and all the latest news of Beneq ALD equipment and Beneq Services for thin film development and outsourced ALD production.

The early bird rates are already gone, but you can still register to ALD2016 on the event website.

See you in Ireland!

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