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New website for Beneq (and Lumineq Displays)

At Beneq, we are constantly trying to find new ways to serve our old, new and potential customers better. This means regularly reviewing all our customer engagement points and collecting feedback about the service we offer, from sales and marketing to research and after sales services.

As a part of our goal to further improve the Beneq services, we launched last week a major update to our website. If you are reading this from our bloq, you have obviously already seen the results, but we thought we would anyway share a little bit of the background of the website update.

New look and quick links for easier navigation

We wanted to make it easier for you to find the content you’re looking for, so we redesigned the website navigation and added more direct links to specific content topics and popular pages.

We have also improved the mobile browsing experience. We reviewed and updated all content and made it ‘small screen’ friendly so that you can easily read all our latest stories and articles regardless of your screen size.

New content for Thin Film Solutions

On the thin film side of the website, we have added a new section called Industries, which lists examples of the many industries we serve. You can also view the applications of thin films by function in the Applications section, if you so wish. We will be adding new application examples soon to give everybody a better quick overview about where ALD and aerosol coatings can be used (there are everywhere around us).

New location for the Lumineq Displays website

For Lumineq displays, the website update was a major change. We have moved all Lumineq content from the old domain to You can now find the Lumineq displays webpages under the Displays area of our new site. The content is mostly the same as in the old pages (and old addresses have naturally been redirected to the new whereabouts of the content), but the site structure has been simplified. The change also made it possible for us to get rid of unnecessary navigation jumps between domains. This too should improve the browsing experience for our visitors.

Give us feedback!

A website is never ready. We will keep improving the new site – every day, every week, every month, during the whole year. To make sure we concentrate on the right things, we want to be as customer driven with our website as we are with all our development work: We would love to hear your feedback.

How does the site look? Did you find what you were looking for? What should we add next?

Please let us know how we could do better. You can drop us a message or use any of the contact and feedback blocks you find on the website. All comments, findings and improvement suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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