ALD Stories Ep. 30

SnS ALD and Ultrathin Solar Cells with Carl Hägglund

38 min 37 sec.


In this episode, Tyler is joined by Professor Carl Hägglund from Uppsala University. They discuss Carl’s motivations for pursuing ultrathin solar cells, how he learned ALD at Stanford in Stacey Bent’s lab, and an unlikely research connection through his child’s school. They also talk about why ALD is useful for plasmonic solar cells, optimization of SnS ALD and his planned path towards a fully realized ultrathin photovoltaic. 

In this episode:

00:00 Introduction 

01:45 Motivation for fabricating plasmonic solar cells 

09:58 Learning ALD at Stanford 

22:46 Optimizing SnS ALD process 

30:33 Path towards an ultrathin solar cell 


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