ALD Stories Ep. 17

Redox-Active Polymer Films for Energy Applications with Matthias Young

49 min 54 sec

In Episode 17, Tyler speaks with Matthias Young from the University of Missouri, aka Mizzou. Matthias talks about this use of oxidative MLD for depositing redox active polymer films which paves the way for more cost-effective electrode materials. Matthias and Tyler discuss his journey to, from and back to ALD, how working in other fields can benefit your creativity, results from his recent work in oMLD paper, and how ALD can be used as a tool for understanding fundamental questions about tricky surface phenomena. 

In this episode: 

00:00 Introduction 

02:46 Matthias’ Journey Away from ALD 

08:25 ALD Community 

17:40 Tech Talk: Redox Active Polymers 

35:38 Applications: Capacitive Deionization & Solid State  Batteries 

43:30 Advice, Reflection and Outro 

Follow Matthias at and on Twitter @MatthiasJYoung 

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