ALD Stories Ep. 22

Chemistry of Atomic Layer Deposition with Sean Barry

57 min 51 sec.

Professor Sean Barry from Carleton University joins Tyler on Episode 22 of ALD Stories. Sean recalls his time working at the University of Helsinki and a mishap or two in Mikko Ritala’s lab, how the Finnish ethos inspires him, and why he considers Helsinki his second city. Sean also talks about how knowledge of fundamental chemistry is important for understanding atomic layer deposition, why he decided to write a book on the topic, and how chemistry informed the evolution of gold ALD. 

In this episode: 

00:00 Intro 

01:22 Living in Helsinki 

09:30 Sean’s background and Harvard ALD 

21:00 Evolution of Au ALD 

32:05 Sean’s book 

45:17 What material is Sean’s dream? 

50:23 Sean’s sage wisdom 

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