ALD Stories Ep. 20

ALE-Only Wafer Patterning with AlixLabs’ Jonas Sundqvist

38 min 37 sec.

In Episode 20, Jonas Sundqvist, ALD researcher, entrepreneur and consultant joins Tyler for his 3rd time on the show to talk about his company, AlixLabs (Episode 4 about his blog, and Episode 7 as part of a panel about sustainability in the field). AlixLabs has developed a cutting-edge technology called Atomic Pitch Splitting (APS) which utilizes a topographically selective atomic layer etching process. Jonas discusses how APS works, why they could potentially pattern substrates without the use of multiple lithography steps, and how AlixLabs can offer semiconductor manufacturers a simpler, more cost-effective and precise method of creating features with nanometer spacings. 

In this episode: 

00:00 Introduction 

02:55 AlixLabs and APS Background 

08:30 Topographical Selectivity 

13:30 APS vs Traditional Patterning 

24:30 Cost and Implementation 

33:05 AlixLabs Outlook 

#aldep #nanotechnology

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