ALD Stories Ep. 21

ALD for Astronomical Imaging with NASA JPL’s John Hennessy

51 min 20 sec.

In Episode 21, John Hennessy from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab joins ALD Stories to talk about his work using ALD to deposit UV coatings for astronomical imaging applications. John talks about the relationship between NASA and JPL, how UV coatings allow us to see more of the universe, and how the technology has improved since the Hubble Space Telescope. John and Tyler also discuss how to test the readiness of devices for eventual launch and NASA’s Decadal Survey for deciding new mission concepts. 

In this episode: 

00:00 Intro 

01:48 John’s Background 

09:49 NASA/JPL Relationship 

14:05 UV Coatings, Detectors and Telescopes 

31:51 Testing coatings for launch 

40:30 NASA Decadal Survey 

46:49 Outlook and Outro 

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