ALD Stories Ep. 23

ALD at the Nexus of Industry & Academia with Harm Knoops

50 min 01 sec.

In Episode 23 of ALD Stories, Dr. Harm Knoops joins Tyler to discuss his dual role at Eindhoven University and Oxford Instruments Plasma Technologies. As an Atomic Scale Specialist, Harm routinely advises on processes in ALD, ALE and 2D materials while informing their work with supplemental research at Eindhoven. Harm and Tyler talk about alternatives careers to the traditional industry and academia binary, how scientists can leverage their technical knowledge, and how working in a cross-institute position makes for efficient science. We also touch on Harm’s work with plasmas, tackle misconceptions about plasma conformality, and how Harm approaches learning new topics.

In this episode:

00:00 Intro

01:20 Working in both industry & academia

11:45 Careers leveraging technical backgrounds

24:20 Misconceptions about plasma conformality

43:20 How to learn new fields quickly

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