Spatial ALD equipment

Genesis ALD

World’s only commercially available roll-to-roll ALD system

Genesis ALD


Functional ALD coatings for batteries, solar, and flexible electronics. The Genesis ALD is ideal for coating any roll-format substrates, and for multiple functional applications.

  • Passivation of cathodes and anodes for various types of lithium-ion and solid-state batteries
  • Conductive layers and encapsulation for flexible solar cells
  • Moisture barriers for flexible electronics

Learn how ALD enables safer and higher performance batteries


Wide selection of ALD materials to meet your requirement. For years Beneq has pioneered roll-to-roll ALD systems for R&D and industrial production. Our common materials include Al2O3, TiO2, SiO2, ZnO, Zn(O,S) or any other material on request.


  • Web width: max. 420mm
  • ALD coating thickness: max. 100nm
  • Dynamic deposition rate (Al2O3): 10 nm *m/min
  • Process temperature: max. 250°C

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At maximum 420mm web width, the Genesis ALD is suitable for lab R&D or pilot scale production. Designed to handle ALD films onto flexible substrates such as polymer or metal. Working with our partner E+R Group, the leading roll-to-roll vacuum coater company, we offer customers optional designs for wider webs and line integration.

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