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Liquid source

Liquid Sources

Flexibility through easy use of multiple chemistries

Beneq’s liquid source options support the versatility and modularity of the Beneq TFS 200 research platform. With multiple liquid sources, you can run more processes simultaneously. Dedicated precursor sources and lines improve efficiency, reduce maintenance work and prevent cross-contamination.

Beneq TFS 200 can accommodate a maximum of four liquid source lines.

All of our liquid source options include

  • a liquid source container (container type chosen separately)
  • integration with gas delivery unit (GDU)
  • standard tubing, needle valve (if chosen) and pulsing valves
  • software upgrade
  • testing and documentation
  • commissioning by Beneq personnel

Our liquid sources are available in two different configurations

  • liquid source with a single output from a vessel
  • liquid source with a dual line setup (output and boosting nitrogen input)

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