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Hot source HS 300

Man with mask

For depositing precursors with low vapor pressure

The hot source HS 300 options support the versatility and modularity of the Beneq TFS 200 research platform in the following ways:

  • enable the use of more precursors and processes
  • are necessary when depositing precursors with low vapour pressure
  • almost all liquid and solid precursors can be used with HS 300 (e.g., HfCl4, ZrCl4, beta-diketonates, amides, cyclopentadienyl, etc.)
  • processes MgO, HfO2, SiO2, Ta2O5, ZrO2
  • high evaporation area as well as load-and-release mode allow lowest possible precursor temperature
  • minimal precursor decomposition
  • Large volume container, max. filling 400 ml, with manual input and output valves
  • Three heated zones design
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