Batch Production Equipment

Beneq P400A

Thin film system for industrial production

Thin film systems for industrial production

The Beneq P400A is an ALD system designed for industrial-scale production. It is an idea tool for scaling-up thin film deposition from R&D phase to full-size industrial production. The system is dependable, industrially proven and mature in terms of technical distinction. The design is based on 25 years of continuous (24/7) operation in demanding industrial applications.

Most of our industrial customers require dedicated equipment and process setups. Beneq has several in-house P400A and P800 systems to cater for a wide range of coating needs in application development and thin film R&D. This way, customers looking for production equipment can verify the technical and financial performance of the process and equipment, before making an investment. In addition, we offer the possibility of low-volume production until our customer’s own fabrication has been set up.


Scaled to large batches and thick film stacks

Opposite to general belief, many ALD processes use thick film stacks (> 1 μm). Thick batch processes necessitate optimized handling of precursor source materials and advanced process waste management. The P400A comes equipped with a multiphase filtering system, which is capable of handling large amounts of precursors. During process runs, precursor de-activation functions guarantee that the system allows no chemicals that could cause film growth, to pass through to the vacuum pump. The vacuum filter is of large-volume type with high gas conductance. The large waste handling capacity of the system enables typical cleaning intervals of approximately 1 year in R&D mode and 3 to 6 months in production. For process and coating run design, the user-friendly recipe editor for nanolaminates, mixed films and complex coating design structures is capable of handling hundreds of different layers in the same run.

Performance Highlights

  • Immediate scale up to production after R&D phase.
  • Extensive logging for repeatable production control.
  • UPS supported functions.
  • Low need for maintenance.
  • Unique mini-environment design for flexibility in loading, batch and substrate size as well as contamination control.
  • Mini-environment and proprietary filtering design separate cleaning work from the P400A system base. No downtime due to cleaning.
  • Cost-efficient hot-wall and high-capacity batch system.
  • Unique thermally stable source block with patented rapid embedded dosing valves and integrated flow channels.
  • Vacuum pumping system with multiphase, proprietary high-capacity precursor de-activation and filtration system to enable high-volume batch processing.
  • Over-heating prevented by additional PLC with dedicated thermocouples, apart from normal heating loop, for increased production safety.
  • Industry-proven high repeatability and reliability in production, based on 30 years of development.

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