Beneq nSILVER® thin film coating selected for Mint of Finland’s exclusive Tove Jansson coin

The Mint of Finland has chosen Beneq’s patented nSILVER® invisible protective coating to prevent tarnishing of its special numbered series of EUR 20 coins to honor Tove Jansson, the Finnish creator of the Moomin books for children. The unique and extremely thin nSILVER protective coating is based on Beneq’s atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology. It prevents silver from tarnishing by protecting it from airborne sulfur and other chemicals or liquids, which react with the surface.
The exclusive Tove Jansson coin, protected by Beneq’s nSILVER treatment, will be available in a special series of one hundred numbered EUR 20 coins. Collaborating closely with Beneq, the Mint of Finland selected nSILVER for the higher value coin to help protect its beauty and enhance its natural brightness. The nSILVER solution has proven its superior performance in numerous industrially acknowledged anti-tarnish tests. The coating is completely transparent on silver, enhances surface reflectivity and gives the coated article a brighter and glossier appearance.

nSILVER is based on coating silver with a fully transparent, conformal and pinhole-free thin film consisting of ceramic material. The thin film layers serve both to bond with the silver layer and provide a flawless protective barrier. Besides preventing tarnishing, nSILVER also eliminates the formation of white spots. nSILVER is applied using Beneq’s ALD coating method, which enables thin films to grow on articles of any shape. The coating is extremely uniform with flawless quality, thanks to the way the small ALD vapor molecules penetrate even the narrowest grooves.

“We are happy to see nSILVER gaining popularity to give longer lasting value to exclusive silver creations,” says Sampo Ahonen, CEO, Beneq. “Our application is also easy to use in industrial-scale production. We can provide producers with all the turnkey equipment they need along with our patented coating process.”

In addition to use on silver coins, silver jewelry producers, such as Kalevala Jewelry and Lapponia Jewelry, and even silver artware and ornament manufacturers, are using the patented Beneq nSILVER application with outstanding results.

Mint of Finland’s commemorative Tove Jansson (EUR 20) coin is protected by Beneq nSILVER anti-tarnishing treatment. Picture: Mint of Finland.

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