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11 February 2020 Blog post
Professor Jan Macák of the University of Pardubice explores ALD for coating nanostructures. Using Beneq's TFS 200 tool with a stop-flow option he and his team are able to significantly increase light absorption using TiO2 nanotubes, creating more efficient solar cells.
11 February 2020 News
Thanks to its luminescence properties there has been a lot of research on red color emission using europium-doped phosphors Y2O3−xSx:Eu (YOS:Eu). Our team at Beneq discovered that, by using ALD, it is possible to emit new colors such as blue/violet by controlling the europium oxidation state.
11 February 2020 News
It's here. Beneq R2 retails for EUR 130 000/ USD 145 000, making it our most affordable tool yet. We’re raising the bar for what universities have come to expect from entry-level ALD research equipment with new features and add-on options such as plasma, while lowering the total investment.
9 February 2020 News
Moisture barriers are a key application of ALD in 2019. Its pinhole-free, conformal properties offer the ultimate protection against humidity - for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic devices.
25 September 2019 News
Grenoble, France – Beneq, a leading provider of ALD R&D and production technology, today announced the BENEQ TransformTM. A versatile ALD platform it is particularly useful for More-than-Moore device fabrication, OLED and virtual reality applications.
22 July 2019 News
Bellevue, Washington, USA – Beneq today unveiled R2, a compact modular platform that makes it dramatically easier for universities, research institutes and enterprises to start advanced ALD research. Completely redesigned from the ground up with ergonomics in mind, the basic R2 model comes fully equipped for thermal ALD. With flexible add-on options customers can easily expand to other advanced processes such as plasma, batch processing, powder ALD, and reduced flow.
18 June 2019 Blog post
Scintillates are one of the oldest types of radiation detector because initially measurements could be made with photographic film. Images could be collected, or intensity measurements made.
27 May 2019 Blog post
In this technical blog we describe how ALD can be utilized for coating high curvature optics using spherical domes as an example. The challenge when coating 3D optics is to deposit the coating with high uniformity over an arbitrary topology in a simple manner. ALD has proven its suitability for high precision pinhole free films, where the challenge is not only to achieve uniformity over a large scale, but to coat conformally over high aspect ratio structures.
7 May 2019 News
Beneq introduces a new investment plan to support growth in new industrial ALD solutions and the transparent display business. The new owners of Beneq have approved an investment program that allows Beneq to grow faster in its strategic focus areas, such as ALD solutions for the emerging semiconductor applications and transparent vehicle displays. Together with the new owners’ earlier investments in 2018 to improve Beneq’s equity ratio and working capital, the announced development programs result in a total investment of over 20 million euros.
7 May 2019 News
BeneqOy panostaa kasvuun. Beneq esitteli tänään uuden investointiohjelman, joka vauhdittaa yhtiön teollisten ALD-ratkaisujen tuotekehitystä ja näyttötuotannon kehittämistä Beneqin Espoon tehtaalla. Investointiohjelma mahdollistaa nopeamman kasvun Beneqin strategiassa määritellyillä kasvualueilla, kuten puolijohdeteollisuuden uusissa ALD-ratkaisuissa ja autoteollisuuteen soveltuvissa läpinäkyvissä näytöissä. Uudet omistajat investoivat jo viime vuonna Beneqin käyttöpääomaan ja omavaraisuusasteen parantamiseen. Yhdessä aiempien sijoitusten kanssa nyt julkistettu investointiohjelma nostaa investointien summan yli 20 miljoonaan euroon.

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