Getting the Job Done

Beneq joins the Work Does Not Discriminate campaign by EK

Beneq is an international workplace on a global market. Last year, 97% of our turnover came from countries outside Finland. We have long believed that to succeed with our growth plans we need to find the best experts from around the world and hire whoever gets the job done regardless of where they come from or how they look like. It is in our character.

Therefore, we were happy to join the Work Does Not Discriminate campaign launched by the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK).

EK believes that every job deserves the best doer. We strive for an inspiring Finland, and together, we want to build an equal work culture where work speaks for itself. Finland cannot afford to lose any skilled and capable workers. With the Work Does Not Discriminate campaign, EK challenges employees, businesses and communities to create a truly equal work culture in all of Finland.

Discrimination originates from our own attitudes. The job only cares about getting done.

We couldn’t agree more and are committed to improving our workplace every day.

More about the campaign, companies that participate and information about the Finnish laws that forbid discrimination at the workplace is available at the EK campaign site.

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