May the coating be with you

Happy to help Lapponia Jewelry we were

It is a well-known fact that atomic layer deposition provides the ultimate protection against moisture, corrosion and tarnishing.

But did you know that ALD can also protect against dark forces?

The latest Star Wars movie is actually almost Finnish. Chewbacca is Finnish, the camera crew was partly Finnish and the alien dialect in the movie was created by a Finnish lady.

The best-known Finnish object in the Star Wars sequel, however, probably still is the Planetoid Valleys necklace Princess Leia wore in the original movie released in 1977.

Most people know that the father of the necklace is Björn Weckström, but we can now reveal that the protective powers of this beautiful piece of jewelry are produced using Beneq equipment as the secret weapon.

The necklace is a product of Lapponia Jewelry, who are one of our favorite customers. They have been protecting silver with Beneq equipment for almost ten years and we have worked hard together to perfect the anti-tarnish coating on their jewelry. Both the ALD master with 30 years of experience and the skillful padawan have learned a lot in the process.

Anti dark side protection as a service

For some reason, demand has recently increased for Lapponia’s Planetoid Valleys necklace again. Just before Christmas, our coating services team got a call from Lapponia asking for help in applying anti-tarnish protection on a set of necklaces. Use the coating, they said.

Our Thin as a Service™ service department was of course happy to assist and jumped in to help with a special coating run of our nJEDI anti dark side treatment (a.k.a. nSILVER™ anti-tarnish coating) during the last days of December. A new batch of necklaces was ready to ship faster than an empire TIE fighter can turn.

Star wars fans here at Beneq are still speculating whether the result of the battle would have been different when the empire stroke back, if the original necklace had been protected with the same coating as the new ones.

We will never know for sure, but you can trust one thing when the saga continues: the jewelry should be clean. Always happy to help we are.

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