A case full of ALD applications

Examples of customer benefits of atomic layer deposition

One difficulty with working in a high technology company is communicating clearly what the company does. Producing ultra-thin nanotechnology coatings in mostly top-secret projects for new products in emerging markets isn’t exactly an easy thing to explain.

Many people have been asking for more examples of the Beneq customers, benefits of ALD coatings and the advantages they bring for our customers’ end products. Customer-driven as we are, we of course wanted to help, and decided to publish new customer application examples on our website.

ALD brings competitive advantage in many areas

If you have been reading our blog, you already know Beneq provides the ultimate moisture barriers, thin film coatings for satellites and protection against dark forces, but did you know that you can double the lifetime of a Li-ion battery with ALD coatings?

Did you know solar cells with ALD passivation layers are more efficient and cheaper to manufacture? Or that high brightness LEDs protected with atomic layer deposition may last 3 times longer? Or that encapsulation with ALD decreases the field failure rate of OLED displays by 70%?

Were you aware of optical coatings that make plastic look like metal?

New thin film customer cases on the Beneq website

All the above and many more examples are now available on the Beneq website. Do examine the cases when you have a moment. We hope that browsing through them will make it a little bit easier to comprehend the huge variety of ALD application areas and the opportunities that lie ahead of us.

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